Ultimate Godzilla is a more powerful form of Godzilla that was created by well-known Godzilla sprite artist, Burninggodzillalord. He is meant to be a next evolution of sorts from Super Godzilla


Ultimate Godzilla greatly resembles Super Godzilla, but with a very different color scheme, and wings. His body is gold and light blue, rather than purple and green. His wings are identical to King Ghidorah's, albeit a lighter shade of gold.


Godzilla was battling Super Bagan, the Dogolians' final weapon. Super Bagan proved to be too much for Godzilla or even Super Godzilla to handle. Realizing this, the Anti Monster Defense Force injected Godzilla with another dose of the serum that turned him into Super Godzilla in the first place. With this second dose, Godzilla transformed into Ultimate Godzilla and managed to defeat Super Bagan.


  • Transformation - Ultimate Godzilla can transform into his base form or Super Godzilla at will, or when he runs out of the energy that keeps in that form.
  • Flight - Ultimate Godzilla is able to fly.
  • Ultimate Godzilla has the same abilities as Super Godzilla, but his attacks are much stronger. 


  • Ultimate Godzilla's color scheme (according to the creator) is based on a combination of the Kiezer energy from Godzilla: Final Wars and Godzilla's signature atomic breath
  • Ultimate Godzilla did not originally have wings.
  • Ultimate Godzilla is slated to appear as an unlockable skin in Godzilla Monster World, another fan RPG made by the creator.
  • Ultimate Godzilla's wings come from the Ghidorah DNA in the serum that he was injected with to turn him into Super Godzilla, and later this form.
  • His history section may not be completely accurate. Please edit this page if you find the correct version.
  • All art belongs to Burninggodzillalord unless specified otherwise.
  • Ultimate Godzilla, like Super Godzilla, is somewhat comparable to the Super Saiyan transformation from the Dragonball series.


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