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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Ultimate Ultimate Godzilla is Godzilla's super powerful ultimate ultimate form. He's even more OP than normal in this form.


I'm not even sure how to describe this thing.


Godzilla was going about his day on Monster Island, until, the ground started to shake. a familiar, and at this point quite annoying, face started to emerge from the ground. It was the almighty Bagan, who had revived once again, this time even more powerful. He was now Super Super Bagan. Godzilla immediately transformed into Super Super Godzilla to combat the monster. Super Super Bagan proved to be too powerful for even Super Super Godzilla to handle. Luckily for Godzilla, his allies Mothra, Rodan Jr, and Gangsta Ghidorah had arrived to help. Along with them, embarrassingly enough for Godzilla, was T-Rex. The four monsters all battled the almighty Bagan's new form, but they were unable to defeat him. This was until Goku and Vegeta, who were somehow alive again, appeared. They turned into Super Sayian 4 and Super Sayian God respectively, and then immediately sacrificed themselves again, giving all of their power to Godzilla. Godzilla started to glow with energy, turning a gold and light blue. This energy caused a large explosion, that caused the Almighty Super Super Bagan to reel back in pain, but actually powered up the others, causing them to glow as well. Finally, the lightshow ended, and Godzilla stepped forward as the smoke cleared. He was now, ULTIMATE Ultimate Godzilla. I like to imagine epic rock music was playing during this part. With this new power Godzilla wasted no time in defeating Super Super Bagan, with some help from the other monsters, the "almighty" was brought down, and hopefully killed for good. Maybe. Please? Anyway, after the battle the monsters all powered down. The battle was won. T-Rex however was pissed that Godzilla had become even more powerful.

T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack!

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The Mentally Insane Adventures of T-Rex

Ultimate Ultimate Godzilla used this form to help T-Rex utterly wreck Death T-Rex in episode 3.


  • Ultimate Ultimate Godzilla is 20 times stronger than the original Ultimate Godzilla.
  • Red Sprial Spiral Kame Hame Nova Ray
  • Red Spiral Navel Beam
  • Kame Hame Falcon Punch
  • Flight: Ultimate Ultimate Godzilla has wings and can thus fly. Of note, if he wants to, he can fly so fast he becomes nearly invisible.
  • Kame Hame ha's fired from his tail
  • Ultimate Ultimate Godzilla can manipulate energy through his hands to perform Falcon Punches or Atomic Hadokens.


  • Yes. I gave Godzilla another overpowered super form.
  • This is an obvious parody of Ultimate Godzilla.
  • With this form as well as Super Super Godzilla, Universe 986's Godzilla has officially become a Super Sayian.
  • Credit to Burninggodzillalord for creating Ultimate Godzilla in the first place.