The Ultraman of Universe 1998 a corrupted Ultra under the control of Dark Lugiel.


Ultraman much resembles his original form, but his colors have darkened, and his eyes and color timer have become red, obvious signs of having been corrupted.


Ultraman defended the Earth alongside many other Ultras. He was a hero who battled the forces of evil and the guardian angel of many. This was before Dark Lugiel's invasion. When the Dark being invaded, Ultraman was transformed into a spark doll alongside all of the other Ultras and Kaiju. Lugiuel later corrupted Ultraman, turning him into his minion.

Ultraman was later sent out by Lugiel alongside the other Dark Ultras to fight Ultraman Dyna and the Council of Creators. He mostly battled Scoobs until being teleported away after Lugiel disappeared through a portal


  • Ok. Remember Ultramans abilities? Good. Now add "Dark" in front of all of the attack names.


  • Obviously, the design is from Ultraman Dark.
  • Ultraman is the first of the corrupted Ultras from episode 23 of COC to receive a page, this makes sense because he was the first Ultra ever created.