Atum's name is thought to be derived from the word tem which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the 'complete one' and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka and the name Ultraman that derives from every other Ultra Crusader.


After the universe being created an explosion made of light appeared creating Ultraman Atum. Billions of years the people of Egypt worshipped a god called Atum , one day an kaiju attacked Egypt, but Ultraman protected the people of Egypt thinking that their god Atum had come to help them. They decided to name him Atum.


Ultraman Atum has the normal design of an Ultra Crusader being an silverish and dark red humanoid creature with an crest and he also has an light red colored egyptian crown and an normal egyptian "skirt".


  • Ankh Punch: Atum concetrates energy on his Ankh and punch with it his enemies; 
  • Pillar Blade: By raising his hand into the air an blade with the similarities of an pillar;
  • Hieroglyph Trap: Atum can trap his enemies in Hieroglyphs by raising his hand and launching various particles; 
  • Hieroglyph Beam: Using his staff and putting his left arm on it in a shape of an "+" and after charging it an sky blue is shot from the head of the staff.


  • The way that Atum uses Hieroglyph Trap is similar to the way of how Cosmos uses his Full Moon Rect.