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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Ultraman Daniel is a meme Ultra from Universe 1602. Like many of the memes in that universe, he is now unfunny.


Ultraman Daniel greatly resembles the illegal Chaiyo Ultra known as Dark Ultraman, whom Daniel's design is based on. He also wears a pair of white vans.


Ultraman Daniel was originally some dumb kid Ultra who was incredibly vain and thought it would be funny if he took a video of himself while his friend said "Damn Daniel, back at again with those white vans". As the people in Universe 1602 are morons, people actually found this to be funny. Ultraman Daniel became a popular meme around 2015-ish and remained popular until the fall of Vine during the 4chan-Tumblr war. Ultraman Daniel became one of many unfunny and dead memes in Universe 1602, and aside from a rant on his video produced by IHEzilla, no one found him funny anymore. Ultraman Daniel is still out there however, and one day he wll return.....and he'll be back at it again with those white vans.


  • White Vans. Daniel's shoes. They attract fans of unfunny memes to help Daniel out in battle.
  • Flight. A basic Ultra power
  • Telepathy. A basic Ultra ability, one Daniel barley uses.
  • Damnium Beam. A beam of white energy (the same color as his vans), fired from Ultraman Daniel's arms in the "L" position.
  • White Van Kick. Daniel can channel the energies of the Damnium Beam into his White Vans, in order to kick his opponents. It is similar to Leo's Leo Kick.
  • Human form. Ultraman Daniel can assume the form of a human, he usually prefers the form of an over-privileged white kid.


  • Ultraman Daniel is an obvious parody of the now dead Damn Daniel meme.
  • If anyone remembers those 4hcan-Tumblr war jokes from a while back, said war is now canon to Universe 1602, deal with it.
  • I already explained the Ultra his appearance is based on.
  • His connection to IHEzilla is obviously based on I Hate Everything's "I Hate Damn Daniel" video.