Ultraman Fusion is the younger brother of Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Card. As such, he also uses trading cards to transform into a fusion of two or more Ultras in order to fight the evil Jugurus Jeggler and the Mage (Not Maga or Mega) Kaiju.


In all of his forms, Ultrman Fusion looks exactly like Ultraman Orb because rezuns.


Ultraman Fusion came to defend Earth because his brothers were busy filming their new movies. He first appeared 108 years ago from today, battling Mage Zetton, the first of the Magical Demon Beasts. He then went on some adventures in the intervening 109 years and did some stuff.

In the modern day, Fusion returned to combat his rival Jugurus Jeggler along with other forces that threatened the Earth, first engaging in battle with the fusion Kaiju Nerongabora, a creation of Alien Bat. He will continue his adventures throughout the duration of his series.

This section will be gradually updated based on the events of said series, and any important events relating to Fusion himself.


Fusion Origin

Fusion's normal form.


  • Same as Orb Origin and Orb Orign The First.

Specium Zepellion

A fusion of Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga


  • same as Orb Specium Zeperion

Mebium Dynatmie

A fusion of Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Taro.


same as Burnmite

Hurricane Slash

A fusion of Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Zero.


  • Same as Orb Hurricane Slash

Thunder Breastar

A fusion of Zoffy and Ultraman Belial


  • same as Orb Thunder Breastar

Emerium Slugger

A fusion of Ultraman Zero and Ultraseven.


  • Same as Orb Emerium Slugger

Lightning Attacker

A fusion of Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga


  • Same as Orb Lighting Attacker

Photon Victorium

A fusion of Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Victory


  • Same as Orb Photon Victorium

Thunder Breastar Redeemed

A fusion of Ultraman Belial (Early Style) and Zoffy.


  • Same as Thunder Breastar, but not as destructive or evil and all that.
  • ULTRA TWINKLE WAY for the lulz

Specium Guillotine Slugger Dynamite

A fusion of Ultraman, Ace, Seven, and Taro.


  • Specium Storium Mellatium Wide Ray/Shot: This forms main attack
  • Ultra Slash: Double the strength of the normal version of this attack
  • Eye Slugger
  • Slugger Slash: Combination of Ultra Slash and Eye Slugger
  • Slugger Guillotine 
  • Ultra Guillotine (stronger than normal)
  • Wide Dynatime (Ultra Dynamite but with a longer range and some Wide Shot energies)
  • Flight
  • Standard Ultra Powers
  • Mettalium Erenium Shot 
  • Color Timer Dynamite Shot

Solgent Dynamite

A fusion of Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Taro.


  • Storium Solgent Ray 
  • Basic Ultra Powers 
  • Dynamite Bomber 
  • Type Change
  • Garnate Dynamite 
  • Storium Revolium Wave

Fusion Trinity

A fusion of Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X, and Ultraman Victory.


  • same as Orb Trinity

Photon Luna Knight

A fusion of Ultraman Agul, Ultraman Hikari, and Ultraman Cosmos.


  • Knight Brace and all of it's powers 
  • Tsurugi armour
  • Agul Knight Saber 
  • Photon Moon Rect
  • Luna extract 
  • Photon Knight Beam. 

Power Strong

A fusion of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna.


  • Same as the Orb form of the same name.

Specium Breastar

A fusion of Ultraman and Zoffy.


  • M78 Specium Ray 
  • Ultra Slash 
  • Flight
  • Travel Sphere
  • Standard Ultra powers
  • Ultra Shower 
  • Ultra Rings 
  • Ultra Barrier 

Ginga Victory Knight

A fusion of Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, and Ultraman Hikari


  • Ginga Knight Victorium Breaker 
  • Ultrans
  • Ginga Victory Knight Thunderbolt
  • Knight Victorium Cross Shoot
  • Darkness Sealing Fireball
  • Hyper Zetton-Shepardon  Saber 
  • Revive 
  • Knight Timbre (cauze why not) 

Phenoix Infinity

A fusion of Mebius Infinity and Mebius Phenix Brave, themselves fusions of Mebius and the Ultra Brothers (Infinity) and Mebius, Hikari, and the GUYS team (Phenix Brave).


  • Mebium Knight Infinity Shoot 
  • Ace Mebium Knight Blade 
  • etc etc all the other combo attacks. 

Specium Specium

A fusion of Ultraman (Hayata) and Ultraman (Shinjiro).


  • Same as Ultraman
  • The arm blade thingys on the Ultra suits arms
  • Specium Specium Ray.  

Flaming Might

A fusion of Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Taro, Glenfire, Ultraman Leo, and Astra

=== Abilities === 

  • Stobium Fire Dynamite
  • Dynamite Kick
  • Stobium Fire Shoot 
  • Quintuple Flasher   
  • Stobium Fire Burst  

Red Justice

A fusion of Ultraman Justice and Redman.


  • Arrow Smash
  • Victorum Thunder Ray.
  • Red Knife
  • Cloning   


Fusion of Orb, Card and Fusion.

Basically Fusion Origin but three times more powerful.


  • Same as Fusion Origin but 3 times more powerful.

Form Submitted by Gren

Ultra Hero

A fusion of every single official good Ultra.


  • Ultra Hero Beam. An extremely powerful multicolored beam fired in the "L" position, it can kill pretty much any opponent
  • Light Blade. This form can create a powerful blade of energy that can cut through almost all materials.
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Omnipotence. This form due to it's sheer power can sense any manner of danger or evil throughout the entire multiverse, as well as peer into the minds of every living being.
  • Telepathy
  • Speed. This form can fly at lightspeed.
  • Strength. This form is strong enough to be able to lift pretty much anything. In Ultra Hero form, Fusion's punches and kicks can send enemies flying or even outright kill them.
  • Healing Ray. This form can send out a wave of light that can heal and sometimes power up beings.
  • Light Blast. This form can release a powerful and blinding blast of light energy that harms evil beings but makes those with good hearts stronger.
  • Astral Projection.
  • Hero Shoot. A blast of energy from this form's hand/fist. It serves as a weaker finisher compared to the Ultra Hero Beam, but is still powerful enough to kill most enemies in one shot.

Reionyx Beast

A fusion of Gomora, Eleking, and Litra.

Abilities/body features

  • Horn 
  • Eleking's ears mixed with those things on the side of Gomora's head.
  • Wings
  • Electric Osslitory ray
  • Mix of Eelking and Gomora's tails
  • Electric Fire Wave Disc
  • Flight
  • Fire/Reionyx burst form.
  • Electrocution

Oh Salt Snail-Pi

A fusion of Oh Pi and Salt Snail.


  • Same as Oh Pi and Salt Snail because I'm lazy.

Fusion submitted by Scoobydooman90001


A fusion of tyrantdonus and tozirra.


  • getting deleted.

Fusion submitted by FlurrtheGamerMixel

Rules for submitting forms

  • Forms MUST include the following:
    • Name. Duh.
    • List the Ultras/Kaiju involved
    • Fusions must include TsuPro characters or Kaiju and Ultras on this wiki. If you use a fan character you MUST ask permission from the creator. Since this is my page, use of my Kaiju in fusions are fair game and you don't need permission.
    • Abilities/techniques. Optional.
    • All fusions using dark Ultras will be added to the Jugurus Jeggler when it is created, and I would prefer you submit fusions there. Most Kaiju fusions will be used as their own character and a monster of the week for Fusion to fight. However if you submit a form that involves one Dark Ultra and one good Ultra it will be added to this page.
    • Do not bug me about your form getting added.
    • Kaiju fusions must include good or neutral Kaiju.
    • Storyline about how the form was obtained. Optional.
    • Other heroes or beings similar to Ultras are allowed. For example, Redman,Mirror Knight, etc.

Gallery of forms.


  • Although this will be apparent to any veteran Ultra Fan, this character is based on Ultraman Card over on Ultra-Fan wiki.
  • He is also an obvious parody of Ultraman Orb.
  • Ultraman Fusion is the first fan submission page on this wiki.    
  • Ultraman Fusion currently has the most forms of any character on this wiki. And he'll only gain more when people actually start submitting.