Ultraman Great is a protagonist and the main Ultra of Our Great Hero, Ultraman.

Appearance Edit

Great looks identical to his original incarnation

History Edit

While, Jack Shindo was with his father in a Space Center that his father works on. Until a explosion caused by a Giant Monster that is destroying and eating the workers, as Jack is trying to run to save himself he trips and falls making being attacked by the monster named, Yanakargi. When Jack was going to be stomped by the monster a red and white silver saved him by fusing himself with Jack. Yanakargi and the Giant of light start to fight viciously destroying various parts of the space center in the process. After the Giant cutted the monsters tail, the Giant used an attack to destroy the monster reverting the monster to a person revealing that it was Jack's father who transformed into the monster. After both sharing a conversation Jack's father dies and the Giant says to Jack that he needs Jack to help him fight more monsters that are coming to Earth, by transforming into him. Jacks accepts the offer saying that he'll do it for his father, and asks the Giant what's his name. the Giant answers saying "Great, Ultraman Great. The Warrior of Light.". Greta bonded with Jack, and together, the two battle Kaiju and other evil forces.

Abilities Edit

  • Burning Plasma (バーニングプラズマ Bāningu Purazuma): Ultraman Great's signature move. Great pulls his arms apart in a vertical angle, and fires out two blue beams that can kill monsters in one blow. This can be charged for a much more powerful variation of the attack, which is red and fiery. It is possible to fire three shots in one fight. It is Great's strongest attack.
  • Finger Beam (フィンガービーム Fingā Bīmu):A needle-like beam Great fires from his fingertips.
    • Double Finger Beam (ダブルフィンガービーム Daburu Fingā Bīmu): The Finger Beam fired from both hands.
  • Magnum Beam: When needed, Great can block enemies' mist with his hand and deflect them back at their source using an invisible force field.
  • Magnum Shoot (マグナムシュート Magunamu Shūto): By absorbing his enemies's fire breath or mist in his hands, Great can fire it back in ball form or exactly the same. This purifies foes of diseases like the Gudis virus or can cripple them. Used to purify Gerukadon.
  • Triangle Shield (トライアングルシールド Toraianguru Shīrudo): Great can create a triangular shield with his hands and reflect whatever hits the shield.
  • Energy Blast: A variation of the Magnum Shoot, but absorbs energy directly. It can kill monsters in a few hits.
  • Dissolver (ディゾルバー Dizorubā): Atom smashing rays shot from the fist, used to destroy the corpse of a dead monster.
  • Disc Beam (ディスクビーム Disuku Bīmu): Energy condensed and thrown in the shape of a disc.
  • Knuckle Bolt (ナックルボルト Nakkuru Boruto): Electric currents fired from the fist.
  • Star Beam (スタービーム Sutā Bīmu): A cutting ray Great can shoot from his fingertips. Used to defeat Bios.
  • Palm Shooter (パームシューター Pāmu Shūtā): Great can shoot powerful energy balls from his palms.
  • Knuckle Shooter (ナックルシューター Nakkuru Shūtā): Great can emit powerful energy balls from his knuckles.
  • Energy Beam: Great can emit powerful energy balls from his palms. Used to defeat Degunja.
  • Double Great Slicer (ダブルグレートスライサー Daburu Gurēto Suraisā): Great can create a blade of energy from his hands that can slice through just about anything. Used to defeat Kilazee.
  • Arrow Beam (アロービーム Arō Bīmu): A beam fired from the position of firing an arrow. Used to defeat Barrangas.
  • Great Slicer (グレートスライサー Gurēto Suraisā): Great can enerate blade-like energy from the arm and cut through the enemy. Great used to cut off the arm of Majaba. He can fire from either the left or right arm.
  • Great Guard (グレートガード Gurēto Gādo): In the third episode, Great used the defense technique which flies the destructive ray emitted by gel cadon with both arms. Even after that, Goddes (second form), UF-O, Shirarary's light technique is rebounding.
  • Perspective Ray (透視光線 Tōshi Kōsen): Great can look for hidden enemies with rays of light that emanate from both eyes. Used in the fight against Barangas.
  • Great Punch (グレートパンチ Gurēto Panchi): Energy is put in Great's fist, and it pounces, it is intense punch. In addition to a straight punch which beats the enemy from the front, there are variations such as a hook punch which bends the elbow and hits from the side, and it used it for a number of enemies since the beginning Gudis.
  • Great Chop (グレートチョップ Gurēto Choppu): A technique that collects energy on the right hand and cuts the copper pillar into two.
  • Great Kick (グレートキック Gurēto Kikku): An intense kick that collects all the energy in the body on the right foot, jumps and drives into the enemy. There are types which aim at the side head of Gudis and feet sweeping type extended to Majaba. One kick is equivalent to the Leo Kick of Ultraman Leo.
  • Great Shoot (グレートシュート Gurēto Shūto): Great grasps the enemies' neck and hold it. It can made fire on their neck.

Trivia Edit

  • BRK asked me to make this page for him.

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