Ultraman Jack-O-Lantern is a Halloween costume worn by Ultraman Jack in the T-Rex Halloween special


Ultraman Jack-O-Lantern looks like the normal Ultraman Jack, but with a pumpkin mask on his head.


Return of Ultraman-current

Basically the same as normal Ultraman Jack's history.

Meeting T-Rex

Jack met T-Rex at the Monster Island Bar after beating up a monster who was loitering at the bar. After a couple drinks, they were good friends. He was later introduced to T-Rex's other allies.

A T-Rex Halloween

Like T-Rex's other friends, Jack was invited to go trick-or-treating with T-Rex. He wore the pumpkin mask for this occasion, and thus Ultraman Jack-O-Lantern was born. After going to the spooky graveyard, the group encountered Death T-Rex. Jack helped fight of Death T-Rex's minions, but his pumpkin mask was destroyed in the battle by Candy Corn Godzilla. For some reason, this pissed him off,and as you can imagine, CCG was defeated soon afterward. He later helped defeat Death T-Rex himself. After the battle, Jack asked T-Rex to return the Beta Capsule he stole in order to transform into Ultra T-Rex. T-Rex reluctantly returned the device. After flying away, Jack realized that he has a costume party at the Land of Light that he had to go to. Since his Pumpkin mask had been destroyed, Jack quickly went home, grabbed his Brother's Mantle, and claimed he was a Vampire once reaching the party.


  • Same as the normal Ultraman Jack
  • His eyes serve to illuminate the Pumpkin mask


  • Ultraman Jack-O-Lantern is my second Kaiju to be based on a stupid pun, after Elfeking.
  • He's a parody of Ultraman Jack, yet he is Ultraman Jack. Confusing, I know
  • Jack is the first Ultra to be introduced into Universe 986. Many other Ultras exist in this universe by association.
  • He is my first Parody Ultra, not counting Imitation Imitation Ultraman.
    Jack Brothers Mantle

    Jack's "Vampire" costume.

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