Ultraseven is one of several Ultras corrupted by Dark Lugiel from Universe 1998.


Ultraseven looks much like his normal incarnation, albeit with noticeable changes in his body color, reflecting his corruption.


Ultraseven was one of many Ultras that defended Universe 1998 from evil until the arrival of Dark Lugiel. Like all the other Ultras, Kaiju, and Aliens, Seven was turned into a Spark Doll. He was later corrupted by Dark Lugiel. When Lugiel found the location of Ultraman Dyna, the only Ultra who managed to escape his grasp, he sent Seven and the other Dark Ultras to combat Dyna and the Council of Creators after the Kaiju under Lugiel's control failed. Ultraseven battled the creators until Lugiel was forced through a portal while battling Ultraman Saga. After Lugiel left through said portal, Seven, as well as the other dark Ultras, were teleported away. Ultrasven's current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Same as the normal Ultrasven but with "Dark" in front of all the attack names


  • Credit to the dude that photoshopped that Ultraseven image to look like Seven Dark.