The Uncanny Embryo is a bootleg of the 1996 DX Battery Operated Mothra Larva figure by Bandai Japan. It comes in green and brown colours.


The Uncanny Embryo looks just like the Mothra Larva. It comes in green and brown colours. The green variant is more well-known due to its strange appearance.


There is no history surrounding this character due to the fact that it hasn't actually appeared in any films or video games. However, the artwork on the box of the toy features a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, suggesting that this Mothra is somehow related to the fictional alien species, or may be an enemy of them.

In the 24-page booklet included in the 2013 Sony DVD release of the 1961 Mothra film, a green Mothra larva similar in appearance to the Uncanny Embryo bootleg toy appeared in a few images. However, it has no relation to the bootleg toy itself.

In July 2016, a 1960's Asahi Sonorama Godzilla illustration by Takashi Minamimura featuring a green-colored Mothra Larva was discovered. In August a 1964 "Mothra vs. Godzilla" Asahi Sonorama book cover featuring 2 green Mothra larvae was also found, which would have presumably come before the previously discovered image featuring King Ghidorah.


It is unknown what abilities the Uncanny Embryo has. It is very likely that it has the same abilities as the usual Mothra Larva. For example, it may be able to spray silk and cocoon itself in order to become an adult.



  • The Uncanny Embryo is one of the more well-known bootleg toys based on popular characters.