Vainesq is a counter attack kaiju made by SuperNerd295. It is one of two kaiju created by the Upper Being to defeat Jefferey, the other being Submara.

Appearance Edit

Vainesq resembles a bunch of floating crystals with yellow ones for eyes. It uses three different shades of blue to signify armor, body, and limb. It has several splotches of armor on it, on it's head, shoulders, hands, knees, and feet. It's light blue is visible on it's head and body. The last blue is on it's neck, arms, and legs. It's torso and head, knees, and legs are all separated.

History Edit

Main Article: Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures - Am I Pretty Now?

Abilities Edit

  • Diamond Blade - Vainesq can cut through anything with her diamond hard skin.
  • Crystal Making - Vainesq can create anything out of crystals, including castles to large statues of this page.
  • Reflection - Vainesq's basic technique is Reflection, which fires back beams fired at it.
  • Color Changing and Transparency - Vainesq can morph her body into any color, allowing her to distort her foe. This can also be applied to her crystals. Not only can she color change, but she can become completely transparent. Like said above, this can also be applied to her crystals.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Submara, Vainesq is one of two kaiju created by the Upper Being in season one to be made to combat Jefferey.
    • Additionally, Submara is made to fight up close and is weak to beam attacks, while Vainesq is meant to fight from far away and is weak to the up close attacks.
  • Vainesq and Submara make a devastating duo, especially for the still developing Jefferey. This is proven in their final fight where they beat Jefferey to a pulp.
    • However once Jefferey figures out how to kill them, the two of them die embarrassingly.
  • This kaiju was made only by the line tool in MS Paint. Of course I'm not perfect yet so some bits may look "pen-ed" in.
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