Venomzilla is Godzilla after he was possessed by the Venom symbiote.


Venomzilla looks like Godzilla but with the venom symbiote.


One day Godzilla was walking through a city when all of a sudden, Venom appeared. He had been fighting Spiderman throughout the city but for some reason neither of them noticed Godzilla. Spiderman than stole a megaphone from some guy who was ordering the evacuation of the city and put it in front of Godzilla's face and told Godzilla to roar. The sound of Godzilla's raor through a megaphone hurt the symbiote real bad so it detached from it's current host, Spiderman-hating doushebag Mgee. The symbiote then crawled back to it's host as Godzilla kept walking. However out of nowhere the symbiote tried to bond with Godzilla. Godzilla struggled but it did nothing as the symbiote randomly got bigger. Soon, Venomzilla had been created. Venomzilla roared in fury and began attacking everything in sight while trying to kill Spiderman. Venomzilla kept on rampaging until T-Rex appeared to fight him off. T-Rex and Venomzilla began fighting, but since T-Rex was never able to beat Godzilla anyway, Venomzilla soon gained the upper hand. However the Avengers arrived to defeat the menace as well. They quickly joined up with Spiderman and T-Rex to stop Venomzilla. Ant Man and Wasp grew to giant size and began attacking Venomzilla while Iron Man got into his Kaiju Buster armor. Hulk and Thor began attacking as well. Soon T-Rex and the five superheroes gained the upper hand themselves, but Venomzilla would not give up to easily, and kept attacking. This was until Iron Man unleahsed a sonic attack against Venomzilla, weakening him. Godzilla took this oppurtunity to get free and used his nuclear pulse attack, seemingly destroying the Venom symbiote. After that the Avengers left though Spiderman and T-Rex wanted to celebrate the victory. "Whatever" said Spiderman. "I'm out" and he swung away. Godzilla and T-Rex returned to New Monster Island. However...

a small part the Venom symbiote was seen slinking away, probably to cause more trouble.

Oh and the Daily Bugle blamed Spiderman for the whole thing.


  • Same as Godzilla and the Venom symbiote


  • I meant to make this page quite a while ago and I finally did!
  • Credit to Burninggodzillalord for the sprite
  • Venomzilla is the second Marvel themed superhero/villain parody kaiju on this wiki, after Four.
  • Yes Spiderman and the Avengers exist in Universe 986 now deal with it.

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