Venury is a cyber guardian kaiju of Mars.


Venury is an brown-orange shark with light orange belly, 3 bandy dorsal fins and 2 machine guns above her fins.


After the big badum tsss (the big bang of MosuVerse), the milky way was created along with Venury. These times Mars was attacked by various aliens, these attacks were a threat for the civilization on Mars. Venury came and defeated the aliens and later became a guard of that planet. Venury is also included in Mars' mithologies and legends.


  • Machine Guns: Venury's two machine guns are very powerful, capable of destroying falling meteorites.
  • Flight: Venury can fly.
  • Swimming: Venury can swim.


  • Venury is the first female kaiju of MosuVerse to have a page.
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