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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Violante is a violent kaiju created by SuperNerd. Yes this is another kaiju based on a typo.


Violante resembles Biollante, but with red eyes and now movement tentacles. all of her other heads are different with separate personalities and motives. The part of Biollante's chest which would usually by red and pulsating is actually cut open to reveal her heart, her only organ other then teh seven brains in her various heads. Despite having seven brains, she is not very intelligent.


Violante was the failed clone of a girl and a rose, which grew out of hand and become very angry. Violante was found by the JSDF and got beaten like a bing boom bwah. Violante then encountered Gerdsualah. The two battled and the Violante died but she didn't. According to many a fan theory her Dee En Ayy made Spec Gerdsualah but that's a discussion for another day. She then later appeared in Gerdsualah: Finel Betul where she died. RIP


  • Blood Beam - Violante can breath a beam of HYPER REALISTIC BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD from her 7 mouths. It doesn't do anything but look edgy.
  • Bite Gnaw Ouch - Violante does you a frighten.
  • Telepathic Movement - Due to having no way to move, she uses her telepathic powers to move. This is the only thing they are used for.


Violante's name originated as a typo made by Google Translate.


  • This is the first kaiju created for the Gerdsualah series, AKA Universe 9999.
  • Violante is one of a few kaiju in the universe based on a typo.
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