Visurasu is a spirit kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Visurasu has a deformed rock-like body. On his body, he has four green circular eyes and a curling mouth. Purple gaseous tentacles reach out from Visurasu's back with four moaning faces screaming at the end of them.


Visurasu was discovered when the Insolitam group were investigating a mysterious series of murders in which the victims claimed to see strange visions. They attempted to hunt it down and after a lot of trouble, were able to successfully drive it away. However, they were not able to completely destroy Visurasu and instead imprisoned him in their base.


  • Levitation: Visurasu moves by levitating above the ground.
  • Hallucinations: Visurasu confuses its prey by displaying four images of itself in the corners of its victim's vision.
  • Speech: Visurasu can speak many different languages. Though he occasionally speaks to others, he spends most of his time whispering mysterious chants.


  • This kaiju was partially created for the four Visurasu's at the corners of the screen. However, it was also created because the idea behind the character and its ability to create hallucinations was interesting.
  • Visurasu was originally going to be the villain of an episode. However, he was reduced to a cameo appearance in the first episode as it was decided that he didn't really fit the tone of the series and couldn't have an entire episode based around him.
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