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The Void Gas is a mysterious entity created by Scoobydooman90001.


While the Void Gas itself is not made out of gas, it is named as such due to the gas that it creates, which often appears behind its tentacles.


Very little is known about the Void Gas though it is known to come from cracks that lead to the void, the space in between universes. It is unknown what creates the void gas though it has been speculated that there is a creature that has managed to adapt to survive in the nothingness. The gas it supposedly produces is grey and opaque, casting shadows onto any nearby surface that other shadows may be cast onto. It travels around using a cloud of smoke, which allows for more convenient travel. The tentacles that reach out of it appear to be physical entities.


  • Burning: Once the Void Gas has selected a being as its victim, it can choose to either wrap itself around its victim and constrict its body or it can locate any open passage (such as through the mouth) and travel through them. No matter which of these actions it decides to do, it will burn its victim and absorb any nutrients they may have within them.
  • Whispers: Some people that have been visited by the Void Gas have reported that they heard strange voices calling out to them. It is unknown what these voices are and has been a popular topic in debates. Some have speculated that it is the gas itself reaching out to them while others believe it is the voice of those who have passed away. Most people that have heard the Void Gas talk to them were asleep when they heard them, though there have been some cases where the individual was completely awake.
  • Speed: The Void Gas is very slow and usually takes a while before attacking its victims, coiling around in place waiting to do so. However, the Void Gas is able to increase its speed in an instant if it is required to do so, through the use of a smoke cloud. The Void Gas creates a strange hissing sound when it slowly moves along.



  • The Void Gas isn't invulnerable. For some unknown reason, it is very weak to some frequencies of sound and will simply evaporate into nothing when exposed to it.
  • Void Gas is technically the first (and probably only) FMK Wiki kaiju to be on Wikizilla, as it appears behind the FMK logo on the Wikizilla homepage. It currently uses the original design.
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