Vurs is a white universal creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


Vurs was a Star Horse that accidentally got separated from its group during a trip through space. Making its way to Earth, it went into hiding and lived out its life within the forests isolated from contact with most other beings. However, it was later discovered by a hunter looking for some elk. Unsure of what it was, he made sure not to kill it and instead captured it, creating a crack in the globe on its back. It was soon exposed to the public and was kept in a zoo. Understanding what it was, a predator of the Star Horses known as Exin came looking for Vurs. Generikko did everything in his power to defend Vurs and got into a long battle with Exin. However, Exin won the battle and headed towards Vurs. Unaware of what would happen if the creature's globe was to be shattered, Exin dealt Vurs a brutal blow and smashed the globe into pieces. The entire planet and everything on it was ripped apart and pulled inside the exposed globe. The destroyed globe spat out a rebooted copy of the planet and Vurs died, vanishing out of existence.


Vurs is a completely white creature that walks on four spindly legs. It has a long neck and a round head with no defining features. The creature has two pink round eyes that blink at random intervals. The two eyes rarely ever blink at the same time. It has a weird black globe on its back. Though it is a three dimensional object, it strangely looks two dimensional to anyone that looks at it, no matter what angle they're looking at it from. It also has a tail.


  • Rebooting: The globe on Vurs' back holds the entire universe within it. If the globe is shattered, every living thing will be sucked into it and completely obliterated. Rebooted copies of those creatures are then spat back out and the Vurs will die, vanishing from existence.


  • Vurs is neither good or bad. It is a peaceful creature.
  • Vurs basically exists to reboot the characters in Universe 1720 after things eventually get too much out of hand. This leads to the creation of the second Generikko and Raptor Raptor.
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