W.F.E. is another over-powered kaiju from Eris created by MosuFan2004.


W.F.E. (Water Fire Electricity)


W.F.E. looks like a much smaller version of the sun. It also has wings made out of water and yellow electricity on it.

Its hyper form's star is more heated, the wings are made out of ice and electricity is brighter.

Hyper Form

W.F.E. becomes hyper W.F.E. whenever it wants, but whenever it transforms into hyper W.F.E. it needs to recharge. Recharging takes about 3 hours.


W.F.E. is a kaiju from Eris, the dwarf planet that is well-known for its very deadly kaiju from it. When Eris entered the solar system, the kaiju from it began attacking the sorounding planets.


  • Swimming: W.F.E. can swim.
  • Flight: W.F.E. can fly.
  • Fireballs: W.F.E. can shoot fireballs from its star. The fireballs are explosive and can cause large fire within minutes,
  • Flamethrower: W.F.E. can shoot fire from its star. It works like the real life flamethrower but much hotter.
  • Lightning: W.F.E. can shoot lightning bolts from its star. They are very powerful but can't cause fire.
  • Paralyze: W.F.E. can shoot electricity that can paralyze enemies for 3 minutes.
  • Electricity: W.F.E. can shoot electricity from it star and can also electrify things with it.
  • Sharp wings: At high speeds, W.F.E. can cut things with its wings.
  • Water: W.F.E. can shoot water from its wings. It's very powerful because it goes at high speeds.

Hyper Form

  • Every ability of normal form
  • Freeze: In its hyper form it can shoot water that freezes things. It can use that to freeze its enemies.
  • Fire tornado: W.F.E. in its hyper form can unleash a powerful fire tornado.
  • Water tornado: W.F.E. in its hyper form can unleash a powerful water tornado.
  • Electric tornado: W.F.E. in its hyper form can unleash a powerful electric tornado.
  • Bolt destroyer: W.F.E. in its hyper form can shoot a powerful lightning bolt. It's x5 times more pwoerful than the regular one, but it still can't cause fire.
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