Warhawk is a bird


Warhawk are a species of birds that look like a F-23 Falcon. Warhawks have wings at the back and at the top, Warhawks can also open the tip of its tail and make a hole that act like a jet engine.

The female Warhawks are bigger but slower


Warhawks are a species of birds that lived on Island Turtle's shell.

Warhawks lived with the other animals on Island Turtle's shell like Giganodonsaurus Rex and Crocodylusgigantas.


  • Speed

When flying at a normal speed, male Warhawk can reach speed of mach 23 while the female can only reach mach 21, and when chasing a prey, male Warhawk can reach speed of mach 31 while female can reach speed of mach 29.

  • Tail Jet

Warhawks can the tip of their tail and use a jet to increase their speed. When using this jet, warhawks speed increase by 40%.

  • Camouflage

The body of Warhawk can turn invisible to sneak up on its prey.

  • Explosive Spit

Warhawks can fire 30.000 explosive spit per minute. When an explosive spit touch something, it will create an explosion that have the same equivalence of a grenade explosion.


  • I just add a back wing to a peregrine falcon to make this.
  • SuperNerd made a better version:
    Warhawk 2.0

    SuperNerd version