Wearturth is a fat kaiju created by SuperNerd295. He is Jefferey's sixth opponent.


Wearturth resembles an extremely fat person wearing a gas mask. He has black boots and gloves, with metal shoulder pads and a symbol on his chest. He has four chins.



Wearturth was an alien sumo wrestler from the planet Obeez, where he held an undefeated champion title. Surprisingly, sumo wrestling got outlawed the day after Wearturth won his first match so he was chased by police. He managed to run (slowly walk while falling over several times) to the nearby nuclear power plant. He tripped and fell into one of the towers, breaking it and getting nuclear energy infused in his system. Not sure what to do about the dead body, police strapped really big rockets to him and sent him into space. The rockets carried him all the way to their moon, which was inhabited by a strange alien race that wore tutu's. They found him the next morning twice the size of the Empire State Building. Not sure what to do, they poked him with moon twigs and each one violently exploded. Wearturth got up, floating in mid air, and farted, destroying the moons atmosphere and simultaneously killing all of the tutu aliens. He then floated off like nothing happened

Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventure

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  • Invincible Fat - He is so fat he can not be harmed by any attack.
  • Atmospheric Fart - He can create a fart so deadly, it destroys atmospheres. As if the Earth wasn't polluted enough.


  • For the first time in history, I made a kaiju from total scratch without doing any previous designs or thinking about what it would look like.
  • The grey parts where added on after I thought his main body looked to plain.
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