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WeegeeZilla (or Koopa) is KoopaGalaxain's sprite character, used to represent himself in works such as Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis. A highly intelligent scientist from Universe 1996, WeegeeZilla managed to transform himself into the sprite creations he experimented on through a great deal of effort. He is a member of the Council of Creators.


As a living sprite, WeegeeZilla/KoopaGalaxain resembles Godzilla, but with blue skin with grey countershading. He also has piercing green eyes, grey fangs and cyan claws and dorsal fins. A set of cyan spikes are present on his knees as well.

Most notable is his red gem in his lower abdomen - This allows him to use his Absorption Inheritance Technique. When this technique is active, a set of cyan energy tendrils erupt from the gem to take on the opponent's characteristics.


Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis

One day, WeegeeZilla was working on his newest sprite creations when he lacked the motivation to continue with their current designs. When he was preparing to store them away, one of the failed creations gained incredible power before completely decimating the city as it escaped, nothing more than a large cell at that time. This cell eventually developed into Sepsis. Awakening in the ruins of the city, WeegeeZilla was set upon by one of Sepsis's goons named Keratos, who tore out his abdomen gem. Slowly dying, WeegeeZilla could only watch as Germanium II arrived. The newcomer tried his best, but unfortunately suffered a painful defeat at the hands of the scythed monster.

After this, WeegeeZilla gained new strength, and used his Abdomen Gem to unleash Absorption Inheritance on Keratos, assuming the enemy's characteristics. With newfound strength, WeegeeZilla stared down the foe.


As a living sprite, WeegeeZilla/Koopa shares abilities in common with Godzilla. He does however have a set of special techniques:

  • Magnesium Blaster: A greyish-white variant of Godzilla's Atomic Breath, this is WeegeeZilla/Koopa's standard beam attack when not in any Absorption Inheritance-induced form.
  • Absorption Inheritance: By unleashing a set of Energy Tendrils from his Abdomen Gem, WeegeeZilla/Koopa can gain the abilities and partial appearance of his foes. Each Absorption Inheritance form has its own name; Keratos-WZ, Myos-WZ and Organon-WZ.
  • Absorption Redirection: Seen exclusively in Council of Creators. Koopa can use his Energy Tendrils to temporarily contain energy-based attacks before firing them back at the opponent. Used to defeat Keratos in the Pilot Episode.


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