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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

If you're confused, just look at the infobox image
Weegeezilla (not to be confused with good ol' Koopa) is a Weegee kaiju from Universe 1602.


Weegeezilla looks kinda like Koops but with Weegee's head.


Weegeezilla was an odd Kaiju whose origins are mostly unknown. Some say he originated from a video game, others say he first appeared in the deserts of Kekistan. Whatever the case, Weegeezilla developed a unique ability to appear at random times and inflict his blank stare on anyone around him, making any situation immediately uncomfortable. This garnered annoyance and even fear from those who saw Weegeezilla. Even animals would try to avoid him. However, this soon gained him a place among internet memedom, with images of Weegeezilla's random appearances circulating around the web, leading to photoshopped imitations of these appearances. Weegeezilla eventually faded back into obscurity as newer, danker, memes took his place, but still remains out there, watching.....staring.....

It's actually really fucking creepy.


  • Chest Beam: Weegeezilla can fire a beam from the gem on his chest.
  • Eye Beams: Weegeezilla can also fire beams from his eyes.
  • Stare: Weegeezilla's stare can burn into your soul for all of eternity. He will never look away.
  • Weegeezilla possesses the ability to appear out of seemingly nowhere at random. It is unknown whether this is a method of teleportation or something else entirely.


  • Weegeezilla is obviously based on the Weegee meme.
  • Once again he is to be confused with the other Weegeezilla.
  • Users may freely make their own Weegeezilla memes in a similar manner to the original Weegee meme if they wish.