The Aves Anura are a strange hybrid species created by Scoobydooman90001.


The scientific name for this species is Aves Anura, a combination of the scientific names used for birds and frogs. The species is colloquially referred to by locals as 'those weird bird-headed frog-like creatures', though some people have given the species their own nicknames. Examples include the Hopping Demon and the Pecking Amphibian, though these nicknames are not commonly used. Most people tend to use the scientific name.


The Aves Anura has a very strange, unique appearance. It's actual body is green and very much like that of a frog. It has two grey eyes on each side of it's head and two somewhat human-like arms and hands. It has a large bulge on his back and two tails, one that functions as a usual tail and another that can be used to impale his prey. Growing from the top of it's head is a lifeless yellow structure (though it can still see out of the two black eyes on the structure) which is shaped to look like a bird. It has adapted like this so that it can bury under the ground and lure prey to it using the bird-like growth coming out of it's head. For some unknown reason, the Aves Anura leaks a strange pale green ooze from the bottom of it's body. It also has a bright green tongue that can usually be seen hanging out from the bottom of its body.

The Legend of Wessie

Wessie is a fabled Aves Anura that is estimated to be at least two times the size of any other member of the species. It is also estimated to be completely yellow and brown in colour, as opposed to the usual yellow and green colours that all other members of the species display. Some abnormaly large Aves Anura have been spotted over the years, though they do not sport these colours and have therefore been explained away as simply have a growth defect. It is speculated that such a creature couldn't possibly exist due to its size. Because of this, it's likely that if there was a Wessie somewhere in the past, it's likely no longer alive.


  • Bird-Like Growth: The Aves Anura has adapted over time so that it has a strange growth coming out of it's head. This growth is shaped like a bird's head. After it hides under the ground, the Aves Anura likes to poke this growth out from the ground, giving off the illusion that a normal, happy bird is walking around. It does this so that it can lure it's prey to it before pouncing out from hiding to kill it and eat it.
  • Speed: Though it may look slow at first, the Aves Anura can actually move pretty quickly by wiggling itself left and right while rapidly pulling itself along with it's hands.
  • Burrowing: The Aves Anura likes to hide itself under the ground when it lures it's prey to it. It does this by burrowing deep into the ground and hiding there until it is ready to leap out.
  • Tail: After it has lured it's prey close to it, the Aves Anura likes to surprise the victim. It does this by lunging out from where it is hiding and impaling the creature with the spikes on it's second tail. It also uses this tail in case it ever needs to defend itself from other threatening kaiju.


  • The design and concept of the Aves Anura is inspired from the real life animal, the Spider-Tailed Horned Viper, also known as Pseudocerastes Urarachnoides.
  • Wessie is a nickname that comes from the user, BigRandomKaiju. It was adopted for the fabled member of the species with the same name.
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