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Wolfzilla is an Aztec wolf spirit who possessed a human named Annabelle.


She has white fur and black Aztec markings. She also has golden jewelry.


Annabelle and her friend where walking at the park and came across a wooden charm shaped like a wolf Annabelle saw the eyes glow as purple energy swirled around her she started to grow vary large and started to transform into a wolf with orange eyes and Aztec markings. She then herd a calm voice say " I am Zia Moto or Wolfzilla in you're language."the voice said. "I need you're body to protect you're home from the monsters that have been attacking it do you accept?" "I accept." said Annabelle.

Council of Creators (series)

Wolfzilla first appeared in Episode 8, and will be a recurring character from this point on.

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  • magic
  • phasing
  • plasma balls


  • The picture is based on a design by KayFedewa.
  • I am actually Cdr's sister is real life.
  • She does actually have native markings on her.