Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Yeah, don't take MUTOs playing card games seriously. Besides, why would you?
Yugi MUTO is a MUTO that is obsessed with the card game Yu-Gi-Oh. He has a waifu who is equally obsessed. I'm putting them both on this page out of laziness.


Both Yugi MUTOs look like the normal MUTOs but with Yu-Gi-oh hair.


The Yugi MUTOs used to be normal MUTOs. This was until they were introduced to the card game Yu-Gi-Oh by a random human. They soon became obsessed with the game, and went around challenging random Kaiju and other beings to duels, regardless of whether or not they actually had any Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Most Kaiju, such as Godzilla or T-Rex, are very annoyed by this behavior, and usually tell the two to piss off. However, this does not deter the Yugi MUTOs, and they aim to become the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh masters to this day.


  • Same as a normal MUTO
  • Skilled at Yu-Gi-Oh


  • Image was created by Burninggodzillalord. Said image gave me the idea for this Kaiju.