Zombie Kong is the reanimated form of King Kong from the fan film Godzilla Battle Royale made by Rockstar Fan Films.


Zombie Kong looks like the original Kong, but with red patches of flesh showing on his skin, large pointy ears, and half of his face is bone, the other being covered in blood. Zombie Kong also has sharp claws.


In the universe the fan film takes place in, Godzilla defeated Kong in their titanic battle in 1962. His body was apparently found and reanimated by Queen Xaxious. He was sent out with the rest of her monsters to defeat Earth's monsters and ensure her conquest of the world. In the ensuing battle between the Earth and Space Monsters, Zombie Kong engaged Godzilla, reigniting their battle from years prior. Despite several powerful attacks by Zombie Kong, Godzilla managed to best the undead gorilla, blasting Zombie Kong with his Red Spireal Ray.

Zombie Kong later appeared again, having survived the Spiral Beam, but was quickly finished off by Hyper Godzilla.


  • Incredible Strength - Zombie Kong is just as strong as his living self.
  • Electricity Absorption - Like his living self, Zombie Kong can channel electricity. He used this against Godzilla in the film.


  • King Kong/Zombie Kong is the only kaiju that was revived by Queen Xaxious that was not completely restored to their living self, most likely due to the original Kong not being an inherently evil monster.
  • Zombie Kong is quite obviously the cheapest made suit in the entire fan film, appearing to have been modified from a store-bought halloween costume.
  • The nature of King Kong's death in order for him to become Zombie Kong in the first place is left ambiguous, however due to the numerous references the Showa era of Godzilla films in the fan film, it can be assumed that Kong's death was the result of an alternate version of the events of King Kong vs Godzilla, in which Godzilla defeated and killed Kong.
  • Kong's appearance in the fan film as Zombie Kong appears to be a sort of morbid parody of the Kong seen in King Kong vs Godzilla, and is the likely the result of the filmmakers being unhappy with the result of the battle between the two in that film, as Kong was officially announced to have one the battle in King Kong vs Godzilla, despite the film itself leaving the victory ambiguous.